Last Breath of Vann Molyvann residence (Cambodia)

This episode features a traditional, soon-to-be demolished Vann Molyvann construction in the outskirts of Cambodia’s largest metropolis. In a city where citizens are evicted to fill lakes for commercial purposes and sudden high risers remain unoccupied, space is increasingly becoming a mere commodity. A traditional Vann Molyvann-designed residence¬†is seeing its final light soon and as with all others, its meaning and beauty will soon be forgotten. The residence is part of the 100 Houses project, a group of buildings designed by Vann Molyvann (Cambodia’s most renowned architect), that rose in the sixties to provide accommodation to National Bank of Cambodia’s employees. Many of these wooden constructions have already disappeared, or fully been modified. We occupied one of the remaining spaces and invited artists Kong Vollak (Cambodian), Chifumi (French) and Al (French) to celebrate the last days of this soon-forgotten construction. Now, the building and its final beautification will fully perish and on its grounds, yet another materiality will rise.

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