Last Breath is an unofficial series of pre-demolition exhibitions. This platform offers a visual and written documentation of the project and its broader social and cultural meaning/context.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 14.24.06

London is one of the cities with the highest construction/destruction rate in the world. With this comes not only the rapid downfall of matter, but also that of memory. The only value we can add at that stage is a one-off beautification, right before a construction’s ultimate demise and characterless replacement. This is why we bring creators (of urban art, graffiti, art installations) and others together to celebrate and document. We, without permission, invade a building to ‘prepare’ it for its final liquidation. What happens after the temporary (one hour) exhibition is beyond our personal control.

Contact Tom on
1. To take part as a creator
2. To be invited as one of ten to the next exhibition
3. To share any thoughts / feedback

LB Exhibition


Disclaimer: This is an unofficial, independent, anonymous and non-commercial project. Participation is at your own risk.


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